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Mourning democracy in modern Spain

If I had been in Madrid last week, I would have doubtless lined up, with tens of thousands of madrileños, to pay my respects to Adolfo Suárez, the first elected prime minister of post-Francoist Spain, […]

Mar, 31 · in Journalism,Politics,Spain

History on a plate

It is Saturday night in Madrid and Plaza Mayor is thronged with people despite the chill breeze of mid­winter. We weave through the bodies in their winter coats past the statue of Philip III in […]

Follow Friday: @nils_gilman, prognosticating the paradox of the future

It is difficult to sum up anyone in a sentence. With Nils Gilman (@nils_gilman), you’d be struggling with five. In the past week, he’s tweeted about bitcoin derivatives, the history of the corporation in the […]

Mar, 28

Follow Friday: @MarkAdomanis injects nuance and numbers into Russia debate

On February 28, when reports started coming in that unidentified armed men in combat gear were patrolling outside Crimea’s airport and had occupied the region’s parliament building, Forbes contributor Mark Adomanis (@MarkAdomanis) took to his […]

Mar, 21

Bullfighting without matadors in northern Spain

Angus “The Scottish Rocket” Ritchie is giving me advice. “If I’m behind you when you look back, that’s good. If you see me ahead of you, that’s very bad.” We are standing on Calle Madrid […]

Mar, 15

Follow Friday: @ClaireBerlinski, talking Turkey in Paris

The footage out of Istanbul this week was depressingly familiar. The water cannons. The riot police. The Occupy Gezi protesters who last year captured the world’s attention—Turkish flags waving above Taksim Square and all that—once […]

Mar, 15

Lives intersect in brutal vortex of Chechnya

As anyone who has visited Chechnya will tell you, it is not an easy place to forget. On the other hand, it is also one that seems intent on forgetting. Not for Grozny the memorials […]

Mar, 08

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  • Meanwhile, I had a haircut in a toolshed overlooking the Atlantic Ocean today.
  • I have taken this as a sign that it's time to actually read the guy.
  • The Obsidian Hotel's quote-unquote library was the last place I expected to find Patrick White's VOSS.