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Syria’s forgotten Palestinians

When Israel started its offensive again Hamas last month, Um Marwan sold her gold wedding ring and bought herself a television. “I wanted to follow the war,” she said. Mrs Marwan’s purchase sits glowing in […]

Aug, 15 · in Journalism,Turkey

Follow Friday: @r3sho on the Kurdish twittersphere and the battle against the Islamic State

The Kurds are finally making the news. After nearly two years of fighting between Kurdish militias and Islamic militants in Rojava, or Syrian Kurdistan—the western part of what some hope will one day be a […]

Putinism with a Turkish face

As I have travelled around Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey these past few weeks, covering the lead-up to and aftermath of last weekend’s presidential election, I have been continually reminded of the last country in which […]

Aug, 13

Syria, provocations harden Alevi voters against Erdoğan

Hasan is a plasterer. Or at least he was one. These days he spends his time in the workers’ tea houses of Defne, in Turkey’s Hatay Province, playing cards, shooting the breeze and ruing the […]

Aug, 11

Resisting the inevitable in the Middle East’s newest dictatorship

If Turkey’s first-ever presidential election, which took place yesterday, had a defining characteristic, it was the overwhelming sense of the outcome’s inevitability. I spent the past three weeks travelling across the country—Istanbul to Van and […]

Aug, 11

Turkey’s Kurdish community divided over the country’s first presidential election

Bariş Çaycioğlu’s family has avoided discussing politics of late. With Turkey’s first presidential election less than a week away, they can’t quite seem to agree on which candidate to vote for. “We find other things […]

Aug, 08

Follow Friday: @OKANsays on Sunday’s Turkish presidential election

Turkey heads to the polls on Sunday to popularly elect a president for the first time. It’s an important moment in the country’s democratic history. Or at least it would be were the election’s presumptive […]

Aug, 08

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