Matthew Clayfield is a journalist, critic and screenwriter.


Kobane: How we failed the Kurds

The men at the Can Diyarbakir ticket desk in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, eyed the lapel of my filthy white shirt with a mix of admiration and concern. “We appreciate it very much,” […]

Jan, 28 · in Iraq,Journalism,War

Maintaining the rage four months on from Iguala

Four months ago yesterday, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, forty-three students from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers’ College of Ayotzinapa were forcibly disappeared in the town of Iguala while travelling to a protest […]

Jan, 27 · in Journalism,Mexico

Barbarians at the Gates: A Postcard from Erbil

The car bomb sounded like a car backfiring. I heard it, dismissed it, and went back to sleep. It was only a few hours later, as I sat at the window of Erbil’s Hotel Merci, […]

Jan, 12

Notes from el norte: Narco tours, drug lords and the approach to the US border

A fleet of small, white, open-air buggies take in the sea air at the edge of the docks, their drivers nonchalant, clouded in cigarette smoke, loitering in wait for an easy fare. I spent the […]

Jan, 07

Eating and drinking beyond the strip

The best way to see Surfers Paradise is from twenty kilometres away. From Currumbin, where I have been living for the past two months, one can take in the beauty of Sin City’s saw-toothed skyline […]

Dec, 30

Remembering Christopher Hitchens

The last e-mail exchange I ever had with Christopher Hitchens was not, on the face of it, all that different from the others. I had sent him a link to a news story about an […]

Dec, 16

Tijuana tourism rebounds as cartel violence subsides

“You know you’re in Tijuana when someone offers you a gram of cocaine for ten dollars.” The Australian tourist laughed and shook his head at the memory of the encounter, as though such things weren’t […]

Dec, 12

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