Matthew Clayfield is a journalist, critic and screenwriter.


I hope your steak gores you

On July 9, American author and bull-runner Bill Hillmann was gored by a bull. It was not Hillmann’s fault: a first-time runner, freaking out, pushed him to the ground while he was attempting to do […]


A tale of two gorings

Eight people were gored in this year’s encierros, what we know in English as the running of the bulls, in Pamplona, Spain. One was an Australian, 25-year-old Jason Gilbert, whose leg was torn open from […]

Follow Friday: @PabGallego on the future of the Left in Spain and Europe

When I first met him a year ago, Pablo Gallego García (@PabGallego) had neither a job nor very much money. Like more than fifty per cent of Spanish youth, he understood only too well the […]

Jul, 25

Follow Friday: @raceymicehell on @MIFFofficial

The Melbourne International Film Festival (@MIFFofficial) released its full program this morning, and an embarrassment of riches it is, too. But the festival’s most exciting piece of programming was in fact announced some time ago: […]

Jul, 11

Follow Friday: @fiskeharrison on running with the bulls

At eight o’clock on Monday morning, Alexander Fiske-Harrison (@fiskeharrison) will once again take to the streets of Pamplona to take part in the city’s famous encierro, what we know in English as the running of […]

Jul, 04

Follow Friday: @courtneyr and @pressfreedom, fighting for Greste and others

When an Egyptian court convicted Al Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed this week on trumped up charges and with no evidence against them worth the name, the internet, quite rightly, […]

Jun, 27

Why I run with the bulls

My parents cluck their tongues. My fiancee rolls her eyes. Everyone else looks at me as though I’ve lost my mind. A few of them can understand why someone might run with the bulls once. […]

Jun, 27

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  • RT @MarkAdomanis: I mean the EU actually *is* supposed to preclude the construction of an illiberal state, but now we get to find out if that's true!
  • RT @MarkAdomanis: "I don’t think that our European Union membership precludes us from building an illiberal new state" - Viktor Orban
  • RT @smharts: Review: @SydChamberOpera's , with libretto by @alisoncroggon, is a 4.5-star night of challenging music