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Soaking wet at Songkran

Songkran is not the best time of year to be a correspondent in Pattaya. It’s not that the story you’re after – a hard-hitting piece on sex tourism, naturally – has gone anywhere. Given the […]

Jul, 09 · in Journalism,Thailand,Travel

The only Australian in Bali

The fastest way to find a cockfight in Ubud is to find yourself a man with a cock. (The double entendre, as Clifford Geertz put it in his seminal piece on the Balinese cockfight, is […]

Vietnam’s National Assembly elections plagued by biased vetting, intimidation

When Vietnam elects its National Assembly this weekend, voters will find that, by and large, the choice has already been made for them. The country’s ruling Communist Party blocked more than one hundred independent nominees […]

May, 20

Sex tourism: Thai trade boosted by ‘repressed’ tourists in Pattaya

In Pattaya’s Arab quarter, off the Thai sex capital’s famous Walking Street, a Kuwaiti man climbed down from the bar where he had been dancing for ten minutes and rejoined his friends at their table. […]

May, 15

The online game that encapsulates how vacuous entertainment has become

On New Year’s Day, not hung-over but not particularly in the mood to do anything productive, I looked up a list of the one hundred best free online games and settled down for a session […]

May, 09

Meta TV: Fox’s ‘Grandfathered’ and ‘The Grinder’

Two freshmen series will wrap up their US runs this week, both with question marks lingering over their futures. This is a shame: Grandfathered and The Grinder, both on Fox, have proven to be surprisingly […]

May, 06

What ‘communist chic’ really means

It is one of the most common sights on the streets of Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Da Lat and Nha Trang, tourists abound whose style might best be described as ‘communist […]

Apr, 29

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  • Not sure if I'm at @alisonavron's thirtieth or following a New Orleans second line. What music!…
  • Not sure if I'm at @alisonavron's thirtieth or following a New Orleans second line. What music! Happy birthday again, @.