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Follow Friday: @fiskeharrison on running with the bulls

At eight o’clock on Monday morning, Alexander Fiske-Harrison (@fiskeharrison) will once again take to the streets of Pamplona to take part in the city’s famous encierro, what we know in English as the running of […]


Follow Friday: @courtneyr and @pressfreedom, fighting for Greste and others

When an Egyptian court convicted Al Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed this week on trumped up charges and with no evidence against them worth the name, the internet, quite rightly, […]

Why I run with the bulls

My parents cluck their tongues. My fiancee rolls her eyes. Everyone else looks at me as though I’ve lost my mind. A few of them can understand why someone might run with the bulls once. […]

Jun, 27

Downloading ‘Game of Thrones’ at the edge of the world

It takes a good long while to download anything on St Helena. A good long while and a pretty penny. A half hour of foot-dragging wi-fi at any one of the handful of hot spots […]

Jun, 20

Follow Friday: @DlalaNje, changing perceptions in Joburg

Tell a white South African that you’re planning on visiting Ponte City Apartments and you’re bound to be met with incredulity: “You’ve got to be kidding me?” There is a good deal of irony in […]

Jun, 20

Could a movie about Ernest Hemingway end the US economic embargo on Cuba?

An international co-production about Ernest Hemingway’s life in Cuba has become the first full-length feature with a Hollywood cast and crew to be shot on the island since the 1959 revolution. Bob Yari’s Papa finished […]

Jun, 19

Twenty years after ‘Pulp Fiction’, Tarantino still hasn’t realised his full potential

The recent anniversary of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes twenty years ago last month, was met with a plethora of articles extolling the film and its legacy. This is […]

Jun, 19

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