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Stranger than fiction: Donald Trump and The Plot Against America

No author of speculative fiction wants to be proven right. To be proven right in the spec-fic game is to see the worst come to pass. No, speculative fiction is written as a warning, and […]

Jan, 19 · in Books,Criticism,Politics


Some of my most memorable meals have been enjoyed in the Middle East. I shared iftar with a Palestinian family in Ramallah on the West Bank, and was an unlikely guest at a Kurdish wedding […]

Jan, 16 · in Criticism,Theatre

Home Country

Consisting of three short plays (each staged in parts), with a couple of musical interludes and a meal thrown in for good measure, Urban Theatre Projects’ Home Country is at once place- and site-specific. The […]

Jan, 15

In praise of ‘Deep Water’ and Yael Stone

The new Australian crime series Deep Water premiered on SBS last night and showed a lot of promise. The first half hour was a little rote—procedural to a fault, it seemed to me, a sensation […]

Oct, 06


STARRING Craig McLachlan, Grant Cartwright, Stephen Carracher, Nadia Townsend, Rosie Lourde, Ailís Logan DIRECTED BY Stuart Willis WRITTEN BY Matthew Clayfield, Stuart Willis PRODUCED BY Toby Gibson, Simon de Bruyn In a near-future world, where […]

Aug, 06

Lord Jones is Dead

STARRING Chad Krowchuk, Daniel Janks, Jonathan Pienaar DIRECTED BY Austin Andrews, Andrew Holmes WRITTEN BY Matthew Clayfield PRODUCED BY Austin Andrews, Darren Benning, Megan Godsell, Andrew Holmes, Adam Scorgie, Navid Soofi Two journalists from rival […]

Jul, 21

Soaking wet at Songkran

Songkran is not the best time of year to be a correspondent in Pattaya. It’s not that the story you’re after – a hard-hitting piece on sex tourism, naturally – has gone anywhere. Given the […]

Jul, 09

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  • "I love kebabs. They're the best. The best. Not sure about waiting until sundown, but hey. I had a terrorist kebab… ,
  • "I love Sicily. The Greco-Romans are doing very good work here. And Norman. Everyone's talking about Norman. Ran the place. Tremendous job.",
  • Fortress Taormina is one thing. Not being allowed into the Giardini Naxos Hilton without a press pass is another entirely.,