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Revellers dance, march and sing through the tear gas at Sicilian anti-G7, anti-Trump protest

The party ended the way these things tend to: with the police rocking up and telling everyone to go home. Of course, the police were at the anti-G7 march in Giardini Naxos, Sicily, before the […]

May, 29 · in Italy,Journalism,Politics

On the eve of the G7, protesters and security forces square off under an uneasy Sicilian sun

At first glance, Giardini Naxos, Sicily, doesn’t appear to be on the brink of anti-globalist chaos. Families gallivant on the beach. Men with torsos the colour of burnt umber play volleyball nearby. Tourists debate the […]

May, 26 · in Italy,Journalism,Politics

On Margate sands: Farage, Dreamland, and the UKIP-ification of the Tories

I am standing in a Victorian-era promenade shelter in Margate, a two-hour train ride from London in the district of Thanet in north-eastern Kent, looking out over the grey-green water, hugging my winter coat around […]

May, 20

“My religious convictions do not allow me to vote”: French Muslims on Le Pen, extremism, and today’s historic election

In the courtyard of the Grand Mosque of Paris, where the emerald green tiles of its dormant fountains dry quickly after the afternoon rain, Dalil Boubakeur is helped by his assistant to the garden’s sunken […]

May, 06

Stranger than fiction: Donald Trump and ‘The Plot Against America’

No author of speculative fiction wants to be proven right. To be proven right in the spec-fic game is to see the worst come to pass. No, speculative fiction is written as a warning, and […]

Jan, 19


Some of my most memorable meals have been enjoyed in the Middle East. I shared iftar with a Palestinian family in Ramallah on the West Bank, and was an unlikely guest at a Kurdish wedding […]

Jan, 16

Home Country

Consisting of three short plays (each staged in parts), with a couple of musical interludes and a meal thrown in for good measure, Urban Theatre Projects’ Home Country is at once place- and site-specific. The […]

Jan, 15

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  • I'm really loving POOR FELLOW MY COUNTRY...and really hating it at the same time.,
  • Mitch McConnell is a twit and it would be great if we could all just acknowledge this and act accordingly.,
  • This is a poor piece of work. Enjoy. ,