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Vietnam’s orphans: Lives of hope and poverty

We climb long and hard into the mists of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, the vertigo hitting suddenly, nearly two thousand feet up. Only moments ago, or so it seems, we were down on the coastal plain […]

Aug, 29 · in Journalism,Vietnam

LGBT rainbows emerge in communist nation of Vietnam

When several hundred supporters of LGBT rights took to the streets of Ho Chi Minh City last weekend, one could have been forgiven for fearing the worst. Strutting down Nguyễn Huệ pedestrian mall in drag […]

Aug, 21 · in Journalism,Vietnam

Stopping pseudo-medicine: We need a cure for human nature first

I had not been long in Ho Chi Minh City when it was suggested by a regular at my local. We should set up a company and 3D-print rhino horn—using keratin, the stuff of which […]

Aug, 17

Bitter taste, bitter harvest

World Heritage site Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam’s prime tourist spots but as hundreds of Australians floated around on luxuriously appointed cruisers a couple of weeks ago, looking at the wedding cake limestone […]

Jul, 18

Killing a Vietnamese pig

The decision to kill Hillary involved little hand-wringing or soul-searching. She was a pretty annoying pig, truth be told, giving Farmer John a hard time whenever she could. She would knock down his walls, get […]

Jul, 11

Going off-road in Mexico’s Baja 1000

It’s probably the first time the waiter in Ensenada has heard these two words, but he takes them in his stride: “Ta, cobber.” In turn, Chris Western takes to the largest steak on the menu—he […]

Jul, 11

Pamplona bull runners must be prepared to die

When the bulls are released on to the streets of Pamplona in Spain, Bill Hillmann will be waiting. The start of the famous runs on Tuesday will be the first time the Chicago native has […]

Jul, 04

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  • In case you missed it yesterday, my report from a Banhar orphanage near Kon Tum in Vietnam's Central Highlands.
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