Matthew Clayfield is a journalist, critic and screenwriter.


Sandor Jaszberenyi’s ‘The Devil is a Black Dog’ fires on reporters

At what point should a journalist transmute first-hand experience into fiction? Where does one draw the line between what can be reported as fact and what should probably be reported some other way, even if […]

Nov, 21 · in Books,Criticism,War

Democracy was the loser in Turkey’s election

To the surprise of the country’s pollsters and pundits, Turkey’s status quo has been restored. The victory of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Sunday’s parliamentary election sets the country back […]

Nov, 03 · in Journalism,Turkey

The Vietnam War’s ‘time bomb’ legacy for Laos

The confrontation is immediate—ia hundred cluster bombs suspended from the ceiling on fishing wire. This deadly mobile of “bombies”, as the locals call them, symbolises the lethal legacy of Laos’s Vietnam War experience. It is […]

Oct, 29

Gibbon take: The high flyers of Laos

It is probably the greatest shower in the world. Open to the elements, it looks on to Laos’s Nam Kan National Park, northwest of Luang Prabang near the Laos-Thai border. The park sprawls away from […]

Oct, 17

Pierre Gagnaire takes on La Maison 1888 in Vietnam’s Da Nang

Pierre Gagnaire has spent the morning swimming. Never mind that the sixty-five-year-old Frenchman arrived in Da Nang, on Vietnam’s central coast, just last night, having spent the week visiting his restaurants in Tokyo and Seoul. […]

Oct, 17

Laos faces the unknown as elephants walk from logging into tourism

Walk down any street in Luang Prabang, Laos, and you will be presented with any number of opportunities to interact with elephants. Some are more ethical than others. Indeed, at the Elephant Village, fifteen kilometres […]

Oct, 09

When you become one of those dreaded privileged travellers

“This is a service we’re paying for,” complained the American girl as she and her bags were shoved unceremoniously into the admittedly too-full taxi that was to take us to the Hanoi coach terminal. “We’re […]

Oct, 02

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  • "Someone once told me they were going to fuck my spleen. I was like, wow, that’s interesting…but also terrifying."
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  • Passports that only have Balinese stamps in them don't count.