Foreign Correspondence

‘Revellers dance, march and sing through the tear gas at Sicilian anti-G7, anti-Trump protest’ (Crikey, 29 May 2017)
‘On the eve of the G7, protesters and security forces square off under an uneasy Sicilian sun’ (Crikey, 26 May 2017)
‘On Margate sands: Farage, Dreamland, and the UKIP-ification of the Tories’ (Medium, 20 May 2017)
‘“My religious convictions do not allow me to vote”: French Muslims on Le Pen, extremism, and today’s historic election’ (Medium, 6 May 2017)
‘Vietnam’s National Assembly elections plagued by biased vetting, intimidation’ (ABC News, 20 May 2016)
‘Sex tourism: Thai trade boosted by “repressed” tourists in Pattaya’ (ABC News, 15 May 2016)
‘What ‘communist chic’ really means’ (SBS News Online, 29 April 2016)
‘Vietnam’s lowlands to go under with climate change’ (ABC News, 13 April 2016)
‘Keeping tourists safe in Vietnam: Calls for foreigners’ police force’ (ABC News, 22 March 2016)
‘“We have America on our side”: How times have changed for Vietnam’ (The Drum, 21 March 2016)
‘The train to Quảng Ngãi’ (Overland, 25 January 2016)
‘Democracy was the loser in Turkey’s election’ (SBS News Online, 3 November 2015)
‘The Vietnam War’s “time bomb” legacy for Laos’ (ABC News, 29 October 2015)
‘Laos faces the unknown as elephants walk from logging into tourism’ (ABC News, 9 October 2015)
‘Tourism, coal shipping turning Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay into an “ecological disaster”‘ (ABC News, 2 October 2015)
‘Russian tourists defect from Vietnam as Western sanctions take toll on rouble’ (ABC News, 6 September 2015)
‘Vietnam’s orphans: Lives of hope and poverty’ (ABC News, 29 August 2015)
‘LGBT rainbows emerge in communist nation of Vietnam’ (ABC News, 21 August 2015)
‘Stopping pseudo-medicine: We need a cure for human nature first’ (SBS News Online, 17 August 2015)
‘Bitter taste, bitter harvest’ (The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 July 2015)
‘Pamplona bull runners must be prepared to die’ (The Weekend Australian, 4 July 2015)
‘Vietnam War correspondents reunite to honour the fall of Saigon’ (The Australian, 5 May 2015)
‘Island destinations where your heart and stomach sink’ (Spook Magazine, 16 March 2015)
‘Kobane: How we failed the Kurds’ (The Drum, 28 January 2015)
‘Maintaining the rage four months on from Iguala’ (SBS News Onlone, 27 January 2015)
‘Barbarians at the Gates: A Postcard from Erbil’ (World Affairs Journal, January/February 2015)
‘Notes from el norte: Narco tours, drug lords and the approach to the US border’ (SBS News Online, 7 January 2015)
‘Tijuana tourism rebounds as cartel violence subsides’ (SBS News Online, 12 December 2014)
‘Jihadists are not the new Orwells’ (The Drum, 3 November 2014)
‘”You can see the black flags from here”: Visiting the Peshmerga-IS frontline’ (SBS News Online, 19 September 2014)
‘In Kurdistan, IS threat, ethnic tensions spark vigilantism’ (SBS News Online, 5 September 2014)
‘”There will be no Christians in Iraq in ten years”‘ (SBS News Online, 29 August 2014)
‘Syria’s forgotten Palestinians’ (SBS News Online, 15 August 2014)
‘Putinism with a Turkish face’ (SBS News Online, 13 August 2014)
‘Syria, provocations harden Alevi voters against Erdoğan’ (SBS News Online, 11 August 2014)
‘Resisting the inevitable in the Middle East’s newest dictatorship’ (SBS News Online, 11 August 2014)
‘Turkey’s Kurdish community divided over the country’s first presidential election’ (ABC News, 8 August 2014)
‘Could a movie about Ernest Hemingway end the US economic embargo on Cuba?’ (SBS News Online, 19 June 2014)
‘Spain’s democractic transition isn’t over yet’ (The Drum, 13 June 2014)
‘Mourning democracy in modern Spain’ (SBS News Online, 31 March 2014)
‘Drawing conclusions from the work of El Roto’ (SBS News Online, 28 February 2014)
‘Don’t be too quick to judge Sochi’ (SBS News Online, 6 February 2014)
‘You say you want a revolution’ (SBS News Online, 28 January 2014)
‘Keeping the company of tyrants’ (SBS News Online, 13 January 2014)
‘The failure of Pussy Riot’ (SBS News Online, 30 December 2013)
‘Walking the streets of Hebron, a city cleaved in two’
(Crikey, 31 October 2012)
‘Visit Fabulous, Bloody Grozny’ (City Journal, 26 October 2012)
‘Palestine’s Street of Martyrs paved with anger and regret’ (Crikey, 24 October 2012)
‘“Making beer is a form of resistance”: brewing West Bank tensions’ (Crikey, 21 October 2012)
‘“What is a Jewish state?”: The view from the Golan Heights’ (Crikey, 16 October 2012)
‘Blogging between the Blue and Purple lines an uneasy Middle East’ (Crikey, 11 October 2012)
‘Tel Aviv and the bomb squad makes a guest appearance’ (Crikey, 8 October 2012)
‘Jerusalem, a city of two halves, united only by disunity’ (Crikey, 3 October 2012)
‘Madrid, riot cops, rubber bullets… “This is the new normal”‘ (Crikey, 30 July 2012)
‘“Delaying the inevitable” in Greece, cake notwithstanding ‘ (Crikey, 2 July 2012)
‘Waiting On the Arriaga-Ixtepec’ (Overland, Iss. 207, Winter 2012)
‘Deportation would be a blessing for Athens’ debt-hit immigrants’ (Crikey, 22 June 2012)
‘Athens not quite the centre of the world, but it did suck us in’ (Crikey, 20 June 2012)
‘“Criminality, drugs, poverty”: new govt won’t solve Greek crisis’ (Crikey, 18 June 2012)
‘Letter from Kharkiv, where Ukraine’s EU bid comes to die’ (Crikey, 25 May 2012)
‘In Ukraine, it’s a case of here comes the bribe’ (Crikey, 22 May 2012)
‘Moscow Writers’ March a success as peace breaks out’ (Crikey, 15 May 2012)
‘Civil disobidience turns violent in latest Russian uprisings’ (Crikey, 7 May 2012)
‘In icy Moscow, a slain journalist remains a thaw point’ (Crikey24 April 2012)
‘Desperate hunger for political fairness in Russia’ (Crikey, 12 April 2012)
‘On Putin Lenin in his place, mummy’s the word’ (Crikey, 20 March 2012)
‘The Russian Spring … oh, the irony of the weather’ (Crikey, 12 March 2012)
‘A chill wind on Pushkinskaya: kick-starting a Russian revolution’ (Crikey, 9 March 2012)
‘With Vladimir Putin safely elected, riot cops go in’ (The Australian, 7 March 2012)
‘Putin wins: what now for Russia’s opposition?’ (Crikey, 5 March 2012)
‘Hoping for Spring in the Dead of Winter’ (The Global Mail, 2 March 2012)
‘Letter from Moscow: Where They Wear White Ribbons in their Hair’ (Crikey, 2 March 2012)
‘Letter from Siberia: Where Lenin and Putin are Everywhere’ (Crikey, 29 February 2012)
‘Letter from Vladivostok: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ (Crikey, 27 February 2012)
‘Letter from Beijing: Reading China like Reading Tea Leaves’ (Crikey, 9 February 2012)
‘Moscow protests: authorities’ gloves may come off’ (Crikey, 3 February 2012)
‘Crooks, thieves, ex-finance minister and a blogger in Russia’ (Crikey, 10 January 2012)
‘Putin a comic book hero to stir the Russian spirit’ (Crikey, 23 December 2011)
‘Western journalists missing the real Russian roulette’ (Crikey, 16 December 2011)
‘In Russia, a bumper season for authoritarian self-sabotage’ (Crikey, 7 December 2011)
‘In Russia, laughter, even in a paddy wagon, is the best medicine’ (Crikey, 6 December 2011)
‘Five bloody years as journalists, and freedom of speech, die’ (Crikey, 23 November 2011)
‘Death of Gaddafi: we like the crazy ones the best, they’re not as scary’ (Crikey, 24 October 2011)
‘Blood on the Mexican border squeezed by opportunistic GOP’ (Crikey, 14 October 2011)
‘Putin apologists line up to justify the ruling tandem’s bitch slap to democracy’ (Crikey, 10 October 2011)
‘Putin’s endorsement a surprise despite its inevitability’ (Crikey, 26 September 2011)
‘The last days of casa Castro’ (The Australian, 3 January 2011)
‘A town kicks against cartel rule’ (The Weekend Australian, 11 December 2010)
‘Reporters suffer in Mexican mayhem’ (The Australian, 27 September 2010)

Australian Politics

‘Twenty-first Century Punch’ (Meanjin Spike blog, 29 April 2016)
‘CHOGM’s in tents experience comes to an end’ (Crikey, 31 October 2011)
‘Barnett’s evocation of security on the money, but target is not’ (Crikey, 28 October 2011)
‘CHOGM demo a precursor to the big show…in a roundabout way’ (Crikey, 26 October 2011)
‘The punitive-minded police state cranks up for CHOGM’ (Crikey, 24 October 2011)


‘Soaking wet at Songkran’ (The Spectator Australia, 9 July 2016)
‘The only Australian in Bali’ (Meanjin, Vol. 75, No. 2.)
‘Gibbon take: The high flyers of Laos’ (The Weekend Australian, 17 October 2015)
‘When you become one of those dreaded privileged travellers’ (SBS News Online, 2 October 2015)
‘The sense of an ending: Leaving Ho Chi Minh City’ (SBS News Online, 11 September 2015)
‘In praise of the humble hostel library’ (The Drum, 11 September 2015)
‘A lonely planet? Not since travel guides arrived’ (The Drum, 4 September 2015)
‘Killing a Vietnamese pig’ (The Spectator Australia, 11 July 2015)
‘Going off-road in Mexico’s Baja 1000’ (The Saturday Paper, 11 July 2015)
‘How exactly do you sanitise Game of Thrones? Find out in Vietnam’ (The Drum, 3 July 2015)
‘On the road to Tây Ninh, where a candy-coloured temple waits’ (Spook Magazine, 4 June 2015)
‘From Jamestown to Mount Martha’ (Meanjin, Vol. 71, No. 2.)
‘A place beyond the pages’ (Spook Magazine, 4 May 2015)
‘Forty years after the fall of Saigon, a visit to Ho Chi Minh City’s war museum’ (Spook Magazine, 17 April 2015)
‘Vietnamese Diary’ (The Spectator Australia, 7 March 2015)
‘Taking a punt in London and Essex’ (Meanjin, Vol. 71, No. 1.)
‘Why you should travel beyond Victoria’s Great Ocean Road’ (The Guardian Australia, 21 February 2015)
‘Eating and drinking beyond the strip’ (The Guardian Australia, 30 December 2014)
‘Bus etiquette in changing Turkey’ (The Saturday Paper, 29 November 2014)
‘A voyage of nostalgia from Saint Helena to Cape Town’ (The Weekend Australian, 15 November 2014)
‘Remembering Napoleon in the South Atlantic’ (The West Australian, 20 October 2014)
‘Cycle of life in southern Africa’ (The Saturday Paper, 11 October 2014)
‘I hope your steak gores you’ (SBS News Online, 28 July 2014)
‘A tale of two gorings’ (The Drum, 25 July 2014)
‘Why I run with the bulls’ (The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 June 2014)
‘Downloading Game of Thrones at the edge of the world’ (The New Daily, 20 June 2014)
‘Reforming Pamplona’s bull run’ (SBS News Online, 19 May 2014)
‘Life on Ascension Island’ (The Saturday Paper, 17 May 2014)
‘Bullfight without matadors in northern Spain’ (The Saturday Paper, 15 March 2014)
‘Driving America’s big roads’ (The West Australian, 17 January 2014)
‘Five Short Stories about the Feria de San Fermín’ (Running the Bulls with Hemingway (& Other Pamplona Tales) by Graeme Galloway [ed.], 6 July 2013)
‘Beyond the bull in Pamplona’
(The Weekend Australian, 20 April 2013)
‘Incidental Cargo on the Black Sea’
(The West Australian, 12 July 2012)
‘On the great ice road’ (The Weekend Australian, 16 June 2012)
‘Disaster Tourism: My Day in Nuclear Ruins’ (The Global Mail, 16 May 2012)
‘A Letter from Cuba on the Hunt for Hemingway’ (Crikey, 16 November 2010)
‘Postcard from San Francisco: Cocktails and Suicide Spots’ (The Punch, 15 June 2010)
‘The Tale of Two Cities’ (The Best City in the World, 21 May 2010)
‘Customs for beginners’ (The Australian, 6 January 2009)

Profiles and Interviews

‘An Aussie bullfighter in Spain’ (The Monthly, June 2014)
‘Tweet the Press: How Social Media is Changing the Way Journalists Do Their Jobs’ (Metro Magazine, Iss. 171, 2012)
‘The Perfect Villain: Eddie Perfect on becoming Brecht’s famous bad guy’ (Backstage, 25 August 2011)
Cop Hard: The Naked and the Web’ (RealTime, Iss. 104, August/September 2011)
‘An Interview with Olwen Fouéré’ (Backstage, 1 July 2011)
‘Fighting for Adventurous Documentary Making: An Interview with Tom Zubrycki and Richard Harris’ (RealTime, Iss. 97, June/July 2010)
‘Follow the leader’ (The Weekend Australian, 7 November 2009)
‘The Essential Argument: An Interview with Christopher Hitchens’ (The Punch, 3 October 2009)
‘Enter Lally Katz, pursued by a bear’ (The Australian, 30 September 2009)
‘New version of outrage’ (The Australian, 3 September 2009)
‘Online Life, Downside and Up: An Interview with Ondi Timoner’ (RealTime, Iss. 92, August/September 2009) (as Oscar Michaels)
‘Eloquent apeman swings into action’ (The Australian, 2 April 2009)
‘Iron curtain’s shadow hangs over Belarus theatre troupe’ (The Australian, 7 January 2009)
‘The Face: David Bates’ (The Weekend Australian, 6 December 2008)
‘The Face: Cressida Campbell’ (The Weekend Australian, 8 November 2008)
‘Earnest not enough for pair of provocateurs’ (The Australian, 5 December 2008)
‘Planet rings in our rebirth’ (The Australian, 26 August 2008)
‘The Rest is Static: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (RealTime, Iss. 84, April/May 2008)
‘Notes on the Death of Beauty, Art and Talent: A Correspondence with Ben Hackworth’ (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 44, July–September 2007)
‘The History of the Mark: An Interview with Marco Luccio’ (Arts In the City, February/March 2007)

Follow Friday Interview Series

‘@r3sho on the Kurdish twittersphere and the battle against the Islamic State’ (Crikey, 15 August 2014)
‘@OKANsays on Sunday’s Turkish presidential election’ (Crikey, 8 August 2014)
‘@NataliaAntonova on the horror of watching the world collapse’ (Crikey, 1 August 2014)
‘@PabGallego on the future of the Left in Spain and Europe (Crikey, 25 July 2014)
‘@raceymicehell on @MIFFofficial’ (Crikey, 11 July 2014)
‘@fiskeharrison on running with the bulls’ (Crikey, 4 July 2014)
‘@courtneyr and @pressfreedom, fighting for Greste and others’ (Crikey, 27 June 2014)
‘@DlalaNje, changing perceptions in Joburg’ (Crikey, 20 June 2014)
‘@combatjourno, live-tweeting battle in Afghanistan’ (Crikey, 13 June 2016)
‘@KevinRothrock, explaining the RuNet’ (Crikey, 30 May 2014)
‘@uncutcg, occupying the electoral process’ (Crikey, 23 May 2014)
‘@LaurenWillgo, an adventurer through Syria’ (Crikey, 16 May 2014)
‘@BrigidWD, live-tweeting compulsory silence’ (Crikey, 9 May 2014)
‘@mattzollerseitz, creating the internet water cooler’ (Crikey, 2 May 2014)
‘@adellewaldman, inside the mind of the hideous man’ (Crikey, 11 April 2014)
‘@nils_gilman, prognosticating the paradox of the future’ (Crikey, 28 March 2014)
‘@MarkAdomanis injects nuance and numbers into Russia debate’ (Crikey, 21 March 2014)
‘@ClaireBerlinski, talking Turkey in Paris’ (Crikey, 14 March 2014)
‘@bloggingsbyboz, who has both eyes on Latin America’ (Crikey, 7 March 2014)
‘@ClairMacD, our woman in Monrovia’ (Crikey, 28 February 2014)
‘@VictoriaCocks1 and @kirstysan, digital adventurers’ (Crikey, 21 February 2014)
‘@tempus_fukit, riding the rails and writing beautifully’ (Crikey, 14 February 2014)
‘@ivymix, who thinks drinks and champions women’ (Crikey, 7 February 2014)
‘@MarkGaleotti, explaining Russia and the Games’ (Crikey, 31 January 2014)
‘@sarahkendzior, commentator, and the “full Kendzior”‘ (Crikey, 24 January 2014)

Food and Wine

‘A ramble ’round Hội An’ (The Australian, 12 January 2016)
‘Pierre Gagnaire takes on La Maison 1888 in Vietnam’s Da Nang’ (The Weekend Australian, 17 October 2015)
‘History on a plate’ (The Weekend Australian, 29 March 2014)
‘Feasts of yore’ (The Australian, 14 January 2014)
‘Sponges and tarts just sweet memories’ (The Weekend Australian, 6 July 2013)
‘Gold Coast makes good’
 (The Weekend Australian, 12 January 2012)
‘Sizzle in the middle of the burger market’ (The Weekend Australian Magazine, 18 February 2012)
‘Big shots’ (The Weekend Australian Magazine, 7 May 2011)
‘One-track minds’ (The Weekend Australian Magazine, 18 July 2010)
‘The unusual suspects’ (The Weekend Australian Magazine, 6 March 2010)
‘Beauties of the beast’ (The Weekend Australian Magazine, 22 August 2009)
‘Raising the bar’ (The Weekend Australian Magazine, 11 July 2009)


‘Reporters go far with the funding crowd’ (The Walkley Magazine, 16 July 2013)
‘Happy to cut the cord and stay off the grid’
(The Sydney Morning Herald, 28 March 2013)
‘Sans Masthead’ (Emerging Writers’ Festival Blog, 30 September 2011)
‘Shed kilos and get bitchin’ abs with existential prose’ (The Punch, 29 September, 2009)
‘Film fests are no place for the faint-hearted, or the polite’ (The Australian, 15 June 2009)
‘Face facts, beauty is in the eye of the brow holder’ (The Australian, 8 June 2009)
‘Casing a date lands me a ‘friend’ in need of my life story’ (The Australian, 4 May 2009)
‘Bulletproof or delusional as Y pops its recession cherry’ (The Australian, 23 March 2009)
‘One man’s meal is another’s joyful exercise in patience’ (The Australian, 8 January 2009)
‘There’s snow reason for us to keep pretending like this’ (The Australian, 22 December 2008)



‘Stranger than fiction: Donald Trump and The Plot Against America (Meanjin Spike blog, 19 January 2017)
‘Fran Bryson a traveller with a nose for social injustice’ (The Weekend Australian, 5 March 2016)
‘Sandor Jaszberenyi’s The Devil is a Black Dog fires on reporters’ (The Weekend Australian, 21 November 2015)
‘Boston bombing explored by Masha Gessen in The Tsarnaev Brothers (The Weekend Australian, 30 May 2015)
‘Forty years on, what can a war book teach us?’ (The Drum, 30 April 2015)
‘Jailhouse screeds by Fallada and Negri’ (The Weekend Australian, 21 February 2015)
‘Remembering Christopher Hitchens’ (SBS News Online, 16 December 2014)
‘A disservice to each Mrs Hemingway’ (The Weekend Australian, 24 May 2014)
‘Lives intersect in brutal vortex of Chechnya’ (The Weekend Australian, 8 March 2014)
‘Maverick prevails when he loses himself on the road’ (The Weekend Australian, 14 December 2013)
‘Daily life the key to war’
(The Weekend Australian, 22 June 2013)
‘Linguistic thriller with a touch of northern noir’ (The Weekend Australian, 18 May 2013)
‘Nuanced critique of nihilist Russia’
(The Weekend Australian, 15 December 2012)
‘Death in the afternoon revisited by a beginner bullfighter’ (The Weekend Australian, 28 January 2012)
‘Expanded Screen Writing, Expanded Cinema’ (Screenwriting: History, Theory and Practice by Steven Maras) (RealTime, Iss. 91, June/July 2009) (as Oscar Michaels)
The Grand Experiment by Anouk Ride (Australian Book Review, June 2008)
UTS Writers’ Anthology: What You Do and Don’t Want by Tricia Barton et al. (eds.) (Australian Book Review, November 2007)
Where Does It Happen? John Cassavetes and Cinema at the Breaking Point by George Kouvaros (Metro Magazine, Iss. 153, 2007)
Abel Ferrara by Nicole Brenez, translated by Adrian Martin (Australian Book Review, May 2007)

Film and Television

‘In praise of Deep Water and Yael Stone’ (Daily Review, 6 October 2016)
‘Meta TV: Fox’s Grandfathered and The Grinder (Daily Review, 6 May 2016)
House of Cards is dark and brutal but no match for Washington now’ (Daily Review, 20 February 2016)
‘Another audacious TV venture into mental health’ (Daily Review, 20 February 2016)
‘Happy 100th birthday to a film legend’ (The Drum, 6 May 2015)
‘Twenty years after Pulp Fiction, Tarantino still hasn’t realised his full potential’ (SBS News Online, 19 June 2014)
‘Sochi and the aesthetics of sports television’ (SBS News Online, 14 February 2014)
‘On the surface of memory and history’ (Tabu) (RealTime e-dition, 3 July 2013)
‘Beyond Representation: Hollywood, the Holocaust and the Image of History in Schindler’s List’
 (Screen Education, Iss. 69, 2013)
Foreign Parts (MIFF Extended Program Note, July 2011)
Littlerock (MIFF Extended Program Note, July 2011)
Tuesday After Christmas (MIFF Extended Program Note, July 2011)
‘Reel film festival dreams: bureaucratic bungles now showing at SFF’ (Crikey, 27 June 2011)
‘Five Metaphors for a Film Festival: The 56th Sydney Film Festival’ (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 53, 2009)
‘An Unnecessary Loss’ (A Necessary Ruin DVD Liner Notes, 27 September 2009)
‘The Ontology of the Post-Kodachrome Image’ (Inquirer, 27 June 2009)
‘Animal death toll soars at groovy film festival’ (The Punch, 17 June 2009)
‘Escapist fantasy Slumdog Millionaire is a poor guide to the real India’ (Inquirer, 4 April 2009)
‘Homeward Bound: The Politics of Coming Back in Ten Empty and Mullet (Metro Magazine, Iss. 157, June 2008, p.20-21)
‘Andrzej and Krystyna Go Boating: Roman Polanski’s Knife in the Water (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 46, 2008)
‘Cinema Without Borders: The 2007 Melbourne International Film Festival’ (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 45, October-December 2007)
‘All The World’s a Stage: John Cassavetes’ Opening Night (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 43, April–June 2007)
‘6 or 7 DVDs: Jean-Luc Godard in Region 4’ (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 42, January–March 2007)
‘The Shock of the Old: Eyes, Lies and Illusions (Metro Magazine, Iss. 151, 2007, p.32–34)
‘Cinecrophilia’ (RealTime, Iss. 75, October/November 2006)
‘That’s Not a Knife: Performing Masculinity in Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek (Metro Magazine, Iss. 150, 2006, p.130–33)
‘The Bleeding Eyes of a Festival Regular: The 14th Brisbane International Film Festival’ (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 37, October–December 2005)
‘Digital Histoire(s): The Cyber-cinema of Evan Mather’ (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 35, April–June 2005)
‘Killing the Gatekeeper: Autonomy, Globality and Reclaiming Australian Cinema’ (Senses of Cinema, Iss. 33, October–December 2004)

Performing Arts

Hakawati (Time Out, 16 January 2017)
Home Country (Time Out, 15 January 2017)
‘Criticism as eulogy’ (The Lifted Brow, No. 21, March/April 2014)
‘Violence and elegance’ (The Lifted Brow, No. 20, October/November 2013)
Waiting for Godot (Time Out, 20 November 2013)
‘Blood rituals’ (The Lifted Brow, No. 19, August/September 2013)
‘Debts owing’ (The Lifted Brow, No. 18, June/July 2013)
‘Cat on a spinning Victrola’ (The Lifted Brow, No. 17, April/May 2013)
‘Of Love and Purgatory’ (Shiver) (RealTime, February/March 2012)
‘In the Veins: Blood Wedding and Federico García Lorca’ (Program Note, Sydney Theatre Company, August 2011)
‘Towards Psycho-Absurdism: Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness (Program Note, Sydney Theatre Company, June 2011)
‘The City and Its Disconnects’ (Within and Without) (RealTime e-dition, 26 July 2011)
‘Breakdown of the Break-up’ (Trapture) (RealTime e-dition, 28 June 2011)
‘A New Recipe for Reality’ (Ama and Chan) (RealTime, June/July 2011)
‘Quality-Controlled Fringe’ (RealTime, Iss. 99, October/November 2010)
‘Still Not There: Dylan on Stage and Film’ (RealTime, Iss. 97, June/July 2010)
The Suicide (The Australian, 23 March 2010)
My Generation (The Australian, 26 February 2010)
Bent (The Australian, 25 February 2010)
The Beauty Queen of Leenane (The Australian, 24 February 2010)
‘Tensions at the Point of Origin’ (RealTime, Iss. 95, February/March 2010)
Monster of the Deep 3D (The Australian, 11 January 2010)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Australian, 18 December 2009)
The Only Child (The Australian, 29 September 2009)
Poppea (Nothing If Not Critical, 8 September 2009)
‘Never meta collaboration so dynamic’ (The City) (The Australian, 7 July 2009)
‘Asian flavour does this Shakespeare few favours’ (Pericles) (The Australian, 6 July 2009)
‘Mild ride takes familiar path’ (Savage River) (The Australian, 23 June 2009)
Venus & Adonis (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 5 March 2009)
Baghdad Wedding (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 27 February 2009)
The Tell-Tale Heart (The Australian, 19 January 2009)
No Dice (The Australian, 15 January 2009)
Happy Hour (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 1 November, 2008)
Corridor/Appetite (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 1 November 2008)
Three/Washington (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 17 October 2008)
The Navigator (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 16 October 2008)
The Convict’s Opera (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 12 October 2008)
The Makropulos Secret (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 8 October 2008)
Highway Rock ‘n’ Roll Disaster (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 4 October 2008)
Pool (No Water)/Spring Awakening (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 20 July 2008)
Don’t Say the Words/Stoning Mary (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 7 July 2008)
‘Words shine in a timeless tapestry’ (Don’t Say the Words) (The Australian, 7 July 2008)
The Impotent Fury of the Privileged (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 31 March 2008)
The Threepenny Opera (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 11 March 2008)
Tartuffe (Esoteric Rabbit Blog/Vibewire, 2 March 2008)
Chekhov Re-Cut: Platonov (Esoteric Rabbit Blog/Vibewire, 2 March 2008)
This Is Good Advice (Esoteric Rabbit Blog/Vibewire, 10 February 2007)
Crossing Live (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 17 September 2007)
Shadow Passion/Dogs Barking (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 15 September 2007)
Mercury Fur (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 6 September 2007)
Easy Ryder (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 1 September 2007)
Criminology (Esoteric Rabbit Blog, 20 August 2007)
The Eisteddfod (Australian Stage Online, 26 July 2007)
The Quivering (Australian Stage Online, 17 July 2007)
A Slight Ache (Australian Stage Online, 5 July 2007)
Wild East (Australian Stage Online, 4 June 2007)
The Perjured City Or, The Awakening of the Furies (Australian Stage Online, 2 June 2007)
fourplay (Australian Stage Online, 28 May 2007)
Checklist for an Armed Robber (Australian Stage Online, 21 May 2007)
The Barber of Seville (Australian Stage Online, 19 April 2007)
B-File (Australian Stage Online, 11 April 2007)
Black (Australian Stage Online, 28 March 2007)
Ashes to Ashes (Australian Stage Online, 20 March 2007)
The Bald Soprano (Australian Stage Online, 19 March 2007)
Autobahn (Australian Stage Online, 20 February 2007)
The Nutcracker (Melbourne Stage Online, 20 December 2006)
Giulio Caesar (Melbourne Stage Online, 15 December 2006)
apoliticaldance (Melbourne Stage Online, 12 December 2006)
Le nozze di Figaro (Melbourne Stage Online, 29 November 2006)
Killing Game (Melbourne Stage Online, 2 November 2006)
Peepshow (Melbourne Stage Online, 27 October 2006)
Voyage (Melbourne Stage Online, 21 October 2006)
Jet of Blood (Melbourne Stage Online, 25 September 2006)
I Start Again (Melbourne Stage Online, 19 September 2006)

Visual Arts

‘That Single Thumb’ (RealTime, Iss. 85, June/July 2008)
‘This Is Not a Comic Book: Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga (RealTime, Iss. 77, February/March 2007)


Old Kingdom (The Scene, 18 July 2007)
Mirka at Tolarno Hotel (The Scene, 4 July 2007)
Laksa Me (The Scene, 28 June 2007)
The Press Club (The Scene, 20 June 2007)
Enoteca Sileno (The Scene, 4 June 2007)
Tempura Hajime (The Scene, 23 May 2007)
Moroccan Soup Bar (The Scene, 17 May 2007)
Bottega (The Scene, 8 May 2007)


‘The online game that encapsulates how vacuous entertainment has become’ (The Drum, 9 May 2016)

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