Lord Jones is Dead

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STARRING Chad Krowchuk, Daniel Janks, Jonathan Pienaar
DIRECTED BY Austin Andrews, Andrew Holmes
WRITTEN BY Matthew Clayfield
PRODUCED BY Austin Andrews, Darren Benning, Megan Godsell, Andrew Holmes, Adam Scorgie, Navid Soofi

Two journalists from rival newspapers, The Daily Herald and The National, wait outside a suburban house for a woman who is said to have had an affair with a high-profile minister. A photographer from The Daily Herald is with them to get a photo of the girl. Unfortunately, they don’t know if this is the right house—or, indeed, whether this is even the right girl. And with The National‘s journalist being told by his editors that he’s not to come back until he has a story, and The Daily Herald‘s being told that he has to stay until The National‘s leaves, the trio settle in for what promises to be a long wait. At which point the decide that they could just as easily make the story up…

Lord Jones is Dead stars Chad Krowchuk (Man of Steel, Wayward Pines), Daniel Janks (Ali) and Jonathan Pienaar (Blood Diamond). It premiered in Vancouver in 2016.

“A biting, sniping satire of everything that’s trivial and wrong with mainstream media – a glorious kick in the guts for an industry that’s never been more down on its luck.” – Sally Baxter, Girl Reporter

Lord Jones Is Dead is like the Office Space of print journalism.” – Alex Southey, Hollywood North Magazine

Lord Jones is Dead showcases the importance of strong screenwriting when crafting a film.” – Jason Stamp, The Roaming Life

“It is a catchy film with quick wit and is of the darkly comedic style of Martin McDonagh…” – Katie O’Connor, Toronto Film Scene

“Clayfield’s gift for writing snappy banter … is really quite funny.” – Courtney Small, Cinema Axis

Watch the Lord Jones is Dead trailer on Vimeo or visit the official website.

Matthew Clayfield

Matthew Clayfield is a journalist, critic and screenwriter.

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