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STARRING Craig McLachlan, Grant Cartwright, Stephen Carracher, Nadia Townsend, Rosie Lourde, Ailís Logan DIRECTED BY Stuart Willis WRITTEN BY Matthew Clayfield, Stuart Willis PRODUCED BY Toby Gibson, Simon de Bruyn In a near-future world, where individuals have their memories downloaded

Lord Jones is Dead

STARRING Chad Krowchuk, Daniel Janks, Jonathan Pienaar DIRECTED BY Austin Andrews, Andrew Holmes WRITTEN BY Matthew Clayfield PRODUCED BY Austin Andrews, Darren Benning, Megan Godsell, Andrew Holmes, Adam Scorgie, Navid Soofi Two journalists from rival newspapers, The Daily Herald and



Filmmaking , Screenwriting Oct 01, 2010

STARRING Allison Mack, Chad Krowchuk, Tom Braidwood DIRECTED BY Austin Andrews WRITTEN BY Matthew Clayfield PRODUCED BY Jeremy Power Regimbal, JP Poliquin, Justin Tyler Close Riding alone in the back row, he’s another blank face on a city bus. Three

How My Next Door Neighbour Discovered Life on Mars

STARRING Thomas Malios, David Clendinning DIRECTED BY Austin Andrews WRITTEN BY Matthew Clayfield PRODUCED BY Trevor Smith, Alex Fewster, Daniel Lake DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Matt Weston MUSIC BY Televise ANIMATION DIRECTOR Daniel Snaddon A whimsical wish-fulfillment fable imbued with a

Three Card Monte

STARRING Jack Ellis, Riley Ellard, David Maney WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Matthew Clayfield The plan was simple. The plan was stupid. Three students. Three screens. And no clue in hell. Three Card Monte was named Best Film and Best Secondary