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Sicily’s tide of misery

It’s early evening in Catania, Sicily, and the central station is once again thronged with African asylum seekers. Every night they come here—their meagre possessions in tow, seagulls wheeling madly overhead—to catch buses and trains to other parts of Italy,

Cycle of life in southern Africa

We should have turned back. The moment Mel came off her rented bicycle, headfirst over the handlebars in what Austin later described as horrific but hilarious slow motion, grazing her arm and obliging our Basotho guide, Thirsty, to ride back

Follow Friday: @DlalaNje, changing perceptions in Joburg

Tell a white South African that you’re planning on visiting Ponte City Apartments and you’re bound to be met with incredulity: “You’ve got to be kidding me?” There is a good deal of irony in this. In the 1970s, Ponte

Follow Friday: @ClairMacD, our woman in Monrovia

In 2011, Australian journalist Clair MacDougall visited Liberia to cover the re-election of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female head-of-state. Based in neighbouring Ghana at the time, MacDougall became fascinated with what she calls “this small but deeply complex