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Anthony Bourdain, the anti-foodie foodie

Did anyone see it coming? Did Anthony Bourdain himself? How did a man who made his name with a book that largely glamourised the swinging-dick bro culture of professional kitchens—a book whose cover showed him and a couple of other

A ramble ’round Hội An

Named for Vietnam’s ubiquitous dish of water spinach and garlic, Morning Glory in Hội An’s ancient town regularly packs them in. One of local restaurateur Trinh Diem Vy’s four local eateries (Ms Vy, as she is known, also runs Melbourne’s

Pierre Gagnaire takes on La Maison 1888 in Vietnam’s Da Nang

Pierre Gagnaire has spent the morning swimming. Never mind that the sixty-five-year-old Frenchman arrived in Da Nang, on Vietnam’s central coast, just last night, having spent the week visiting his restaurants in Tokyo and Seoul. One could forgive him for

Eating and drinking beyond the strip

The best way to see Surfers Paradise is from twenty kilometres away. From Currumbin, where I have been living for the past two months, one can take in the beauty of Sin City’s saw-toothed skyline without having to get too

History on a plate

It is Saturday night in Madrid and Plaza Mayor is thronged with people despite the chill breeze of mid­winter. We weave through the bodies in their winter coats past the statue of Philip III in his brocaded one and duck

Follow Friday: @ivymix, who thinks drinks and champions women

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitably named cocktail bartender than Brooklyn-based Ivy Mix (@ivymix). And not only for the obvious reason that the woman can make a drink. (Her favourite is the negroni: “It’s a tough one to

Feasts of yore

The year is 1788, and you, being a fellow of good standing in the colony of NSW, are cordially invited to toast King George III’s birthday with Governor Arthur Phillip at Government House. The menu may include local alternatives to

Sponges and tarts just sweet memories

Where I grew up, the sponge cake was king. I remember this being especially true on birthdays. We would swing by the Women’s Work Depot after school, spend a few moments perusing the cakes that had been delivered by a