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Mai Khoi’s dissenting voice

In the dying days of February, an audience gathered in the foyer of the Phu Sa Lab performing-arts space in Hanoi’s Tay Ho District. Representatives from the American embassy and other members of the diplomatic corps rubbed shoulders with activists,

Vietnam’s answer to Pussy Riot furiously dissents

Mai Khoi Do Nguyen has long been described as Vietnam’s Lady Gaga. In more recent years, as her political activism has come to the fore, her expressions of rude dissent, she has also been compared to Russia’s infamous protest band,

Follow the leader

Like most professional musicians, Natsuko Yoshimoto has a story to tell about how she came across her instrument, a story characterised, as most are, by a healthy dose of serendipity. “I’ve had it for 13 years,” she says of her 258-year-old


There is, I will admit, a certain quality of movement to the dancers one cannot but find compelling. There is their weight, of course, their sheer solidity, and the manner in which it brings them to earth with an inevitability