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Mural network: Street art in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Even at magic hour, when it is perfectly lit and the city at its most attractive, it is difficult to know what to make of Banja Luka’s “Old Dude”. Painted by the Bulgarian artist Bozhidar Simeonov, or Bozko, on a

Art fakes loom over Modigliani madness

It has been a big year for Amedeo Modigliani. At least three exhibitions of the Italian painter and sculptor’s work are currently underway or about to open around the world. In New York City, ‘Modigliani Unmasked’ opened at the Jewish

Understanding Vivian Maier

The strange tale of Vivian Maier has been well rehearsed by now. It has been the subject of countless articles, innumerable gallery programs, two documentaries and at least one court case. For those who haven’t heard it before, it goes

Bulls and Bayonets

The Pera Museum in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu is currently hosting an exhibit of Goya’s prints and paintings, Goya: Witness of His Time, which Mel and I got along to see a couple of weeks ago. The first major exhibition of Goya’s work

The Face: Cressida Campbell

I am sitting in a sunlit artist’s studio in the eastern Sydney suburb of Bronte, where woodblock painter Cressida Campbell is putting the finishing touches on a final piece for a coming exhibition. Dressed in a loose-fitting black shirt and

That Single Thumb

Occasionally, when I am in a self-flagellating mood, I try to come up with a list of ten things that differentiate experimental cinema from so-called video art. When I feel like flagellating others, I ask my friends to come up

This is Not a Comic Book: Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga

The image, framed and hung to catch the eye as one first enters the gallery, is a suitably characteristic one: dynamic in composition and tone, with an inky fluidity to its line, it seems at once both organic and futuristic,

The History of the Mark: An Interview with Marco Luccio

“You’d know the film Metropolis, wouldn’t you?” I am sitting in the home of Melbourne printmaker, Marco Luccio, avidly pouring over a large portfolio of his work. He has arranged his images in chronological order and we’re steadily working our